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    Welcome to the FREAK Circus, a magazine of freakish fiction and visceral verse brought to you by the Poetry Circus people. We explore the strangest sides of humanity with tales of horror, happiness, truth, and lies.

    Crowd-funded and self-sustaining FREAK Circus puts out astounding writing in a book-a-zine filled to the brim with spectacular illustrations. Head over to our shop to own us or have a look at our blog to see some of our writers do their thing.

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    FREAK Circus Presents The Poetry Bordello

    We have our very own Fringe show. Come see performance poetry bare its soul. 6pm – 7pm at Woodland Creatures on Leith Walk. Fringe venue 282.

    10th of August              17th of August           24th of August

    Claire Askew                 Vicki Jarrett            Rebecca Monks
    Elise Hadgraft               Tickle                     Rachel Amey
    Paula Varjack                Rebecca Monks        Jo Harrison
    Rosie Garland               Mystery Guest         Suky Goodfellow

    With your host Emily Elver


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