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    FREAKS 3 Writers Wanted

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    FREAKS 3



    With FREAKS 2 coming out in two weeks (be excited, read the details here) we are opening our submissions. We have tackled some big themes already but today we ask you for stories of ‘Shame’.

    Yes we want every shameful thing, every lie you told, promise you broke, and secret you accidentally on purpose told everyone.

    You can send us poetry of any length, send up-to three of your poems.

    Short stories, and flash fiction up to 3000 words, you can send two of those.

    We are pleased to be opening up to creative non-fiction up-to 3000 words, you can send two pieces.

    All you need to do is write the bloody thing and send it over to emilyelver @ gmail . com

    Isn’t that easy.

    More details can be found on our submit page.

    Can’t wait to read it all.

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