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    What is FREAK Circus?

    By Emily 4 years ago
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    Welcome to FREAK Circus. 

    We are a pair of word and art lovers who want to make something special for you. Yes, you specially. This is your introduction to our world.

    We are creating an ink and paper magazine with fancy binding and brilliant words to make you happy.

    We want to make a magazine that will showcase off-kilter views, new types of art, experimental poetry and storytelling.

    We want the poetry and stories that don’t quite fit in.

    Why should you care?

    FREAK Circus will show you a bizarre and astonishing new world. It’ll be a new place for writers (Scottish or from elsewhere) to express themselves in astounding ways. It might just be paper, ink and 26 letters mixed up but it will surprise and delight you.

    How do you get it?

    We are currently running a Kickstarter to get it off the ground, we don’t need much cash, £120 will pay for a first run of 50 issues. After that we hope to be self-sustaining, putting any money from sales into the next issue. You can make a pledge to get Issue One and some other goodies on the Kickstarter page.


    A bit skint now (so are we) you can get Issue One when it launches in October with Portobello Book Festival.

    So that’s it. Comment, share, talk to us, then go have a cup of tea.

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